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Anal Skin Tag Removal


Perianal skin tags are the same as skin tags elsewhere on the body. Due to location, anal skin tags may cause discomfort and can be removed.

Why women consider skin tag removal

  • Discomfort or irritation
  • Cosmetic concern

About Perianal Skin Tags

The cause of skin tags not clear. Perianal skin tags, just as skin tags anywhere else on the skin, occur unpredictably. They are small skin growths that are not harmful. Perianal skins tags by virtue of location may at times be a nuisance or serve as a cosmetic concern.

Development of Skin Tags

Some typical associations for the development of perianal skin tags are:

1.    Friction.
Persistent or recurring friction – for example, as a result of tight fitted clothing or with exercise. 
2.    Diarrhea.
Recurrent diarrhea can result in skin tags secondary to chronic irritation of the area and further irritation by wiping.
3.    Hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids are NOT skin tags and can be confused for skin tags.   Hemorrhoids are swollen and/or inflamed veins in the anus or rectum rather than skin growths. Though hemorrhoids are not skin tags, when they shrink they may leave behind stretched out pockets of skin forming a skin tag.

Removal of Skin Tags

Although skin tags are not harmful, they can create discomfort or be a nuissance. If desired, they can be removed during a brief, in-office procedure.